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WWF-Laos 2015-2020 Strategy

	© WWF-Laos
WWF-Laos 2015-2020 Strategic Plan (Click on image and see download on right-hand side)

WWF-Laos Annual Report 2016

	© Thomas Calame / WWF
WWF-Laos 2016 Annual Report (Click on the image to view the full report and know more about the achievements we had in 2016.)

Country Office Brochure

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Click on the image to read a little more about our programme details.

New Species Discoveries in 2015

	© Alexander Teynie

A rainbow-headed snake, a dragon-like lizard and a newt that looks like a Klingon from Star Trek are just three of the 163 new species discovered in the Greater Mekong region in 2015. (Click on the image to view the full report).